Contingency Communications - Primary, Alternate, & Emergency Contact Options [PDF]

Contingency Communications - Primary, Alternate, & Emergency Contact Options [PDF]

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Contingency Communications for SHTF

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This guide provides alternatives to communication when primary options are unavailable due to cell tower overload, grid down scenarios, or offgrid applications. A focus is placed on Radio, Satellite, and Rudimentary comms. Learn about devices’ operation, when they should be implemented, features, and follow details on their utilization for disseminating messages/alerts and receiving information/news.

Primary Communications Mediums should be monitored continuously.  These are landline/cellular phones, internet services, text messages, email, and postal mail.

Alternative Communication Mediums should be monitored periodically prior to SHTF but following a Life Altering (LAE) these options may be your only means of comms. These are satellite phones, Amateur Radio (Ham), Walkie Talkies (FRS), Citizens Band (CB), smoke signals, message drops, etc.

This guide's intent is to provide information on contingency communication mediums so that you can plan in advance allowing you to be prepared for the worst.

Bottom Line Up Front (BLUF):

  1. An event may occur that would disable your cell phone or internet.
  2. Offgrid locations do not have cell coverage and there are many “dead” spots along our daily routes where no coverage is available.
  3. When an emergency or SHTF event occurs communication is key to develop plans of action
  4. This guide outlines various devices and techniques that can be used as contingency communications.
  5. Details, Specs, and Features  are provided for radio, satellite, mesh networks, and other tech devices.
  6. Implementation of rudimentary forms of comms are explained such as smoke signals, message drops, and rock cairns.