Signal/Navigation Patch Kit: comms signaling surfaces, friendly fire identification, and navigation

Signal/Navigation Patch Kit: comms signaling surfaces, friendly fire identification, and navigation

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Morse & Tap Code Comms Patch comes standard (assorted colors). Add additional Covert Storage Pocket Patches here.


(comms signaling surfaces, friendly fire identification, and navigation)

1. Hardened Mirror w/ protective film: Small peel and stick mirror with highly reflective properties for signaling or communicating. (Glint tag attached to reverse of mirror)
2. Glint Tag, Infrared reflective signal: Non-fabric surface glows to provide covert combat identification. Reflects IR light brightly to identify friend or foe when viewed through night vision equipment (Domestic Shipping Only).
3. v82 Hi-Res Reflective Surface, (SOLAS equivalent: Safety Of Life At Sea): Coast Guard approved signal and safety tape adhered to buckle. Use to communicate your location or MORSE Code. Waterproof. Long distance visibility.
4. Thumb Tac Compass: waterproof, shock resistant, glass dome crimped to brass housing. Operable in 0°-160°F ranges. Weight 1 gram, size 11mm x 4.5mm. 
5. Glow Light Surface: Small strip of glow in the dark tape with adhesive backing. Charge with Flashlight or natural light allowing for a limited amount of time for operations in low lot environments.
6. Adhesive Large Signaling Mirror: peel and stick. 
7. Nav-Spec Needle: magnetize needle for use as improvised compass. Pair with leaf atop standing water to get a N-S alignment, use common geographical constants to determine North.
8. Land Navigation Pace Count Reference: summary of pace count obtaining and usage.
9. Glow Stick: Green mini chemlight. Break to activate. One time use. 
10. Mylar Sealed Packets:  The majority, if not all, items are packaged inside small Mylar bags. The bags are label so you can identify what's inside before opening. The bags have a reflective inside layer and waterproof seal. Tear open to deploy all inside supplies.
11. Comms "Morse" Code Patch: References to the two most trusted and used forms of covert communication. With a full alphanumeric Morse Code listing and full diagram of Tap Code 25/26 letter alphabet clearly displayed white against the flat black backing. Simply do some base research on how to send/received these codes and use in POW military operations, worst case scenario communication, or covert signaling scenarios. PVC 3" x 2" patch with large entry storage slot and compartment. 

a. the standard option comes with both the covert pocket patch and all included kit contents.
b. the standalone/replacement kit includes all kit contents listed above but does not include a morale patch.