Survival Caches - SHTF Deployment Guide [PDF]

Survival Caches - SHTF Deployment Guide [PDF]

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Survival Caches
SHTF Prepping and Deployment Guide


  • This is a digital product that is downloaded upon purchase.
  • Includes a PDF file.
  • This is a working document and not complete, further tips, guides, and illustrations will be added soon. 
  • Free lifetime updates to any future versions of the guide.

This guide provides information on building and filling caches with survival essentials. It discusses the materials needed to build a homemade cache and how repurpose other storage devices for use as a cache. The included checklist serves as a guideline for what type of items to include in your cache. 

Further details explain where and how to deploy a cache at predefined points and the importance of sharing (or not sharing) the coordinates.

Tips are provided for developing a bugout or emergency response plan that incorporates the use of said caches. 


Bottom Line Up Front (BLUF):

  1. A cache can aid in providing offsite food resupply, message drops, weapons storage, and aid in a bugout.
  2. The location or a cache is just a important as its contents. Recording and sharing coordinates is vital.
  3. The method in which your build and conceal a cache is essential to its remaining unintentionally found to be damaged by elements.
  4. Incorporating a cache into your bugout plan is key.
  5. This guide will cover; Cache Purpose, Cache Type, Cache Packing/Loading, Cache Location/Deployment.