Worst Case Scenario First-Aid - Disaster and Wilderness Medical Survival Guide

Worst Case Scenario First-Aid - Disaster and Wilderness Medical Survival Guide

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Contingency Medicine and Emergency Medical Treatment 

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The purpose of this guide is to provide a foundation in first-aid, a quick reference for treating traumatic injuries/illnesses, and outline the survival uses of medication.

Prepping and prevention tactics will provide a means to deter unexpected life threatening events, a step-by-step template will provide tips for immediate aid to common medical care needed in remote areas, alternative and contingency medicines will be explained and advised provided for obtaining or scavenging supplies in a post-disaster incident. 

The included first-aid and medical cabinet checklist will ensure you are stocked on essentials. The emphasis of this guide is on Worst Case Scenario events in which standard Emergency Medical Services do not exist due to remote locations, breakdown of government resources, civil unrest, natural disasters, terrorist attacks, etc.

We’ve adapted the practices used in wilderness search and rescue operations and applied them to meet the needs of a prepping survivalist’s worst nightmare.

Bottom Line Up Up Front (BLUF): 

  1. Prevention and Prepping includes an emergency crisis plan, pre-LAE stocking of medical supplies, and training.

  2. When injuries or illness occur, assess and diagnose, then treat. Stabilize patients then utilize guidance to aid underlying conditions.

  3. Inventory medical supplies, store properly, determine alternative and contingency uses of prescription medications and holistic remedies. 

  4. Pack and carry an Individual First Aid Kit as part of your EDC or Get Home Bag. Have a kit at work and in the vehicle. Stock an advanced medical chest at the homestead.