12 Urban Survival Takeaways learned from the Homeless.

Implement homeless living tactics for urban survival. #Vagrant , #hobo , #vagabond , #transient , #dosser , #bum , or #nomad ; whatever you call them, these people have adapted to their surroundings. They know how to work the system to their advantage, they know how to stay warm or find shelter, they know where to scavenge food or collect handouts, they know how to disappear, they can cohabitate among any strife. Learn from them. Here's are some common practices you can incorporate into an #urbansurvival scenario that may leave you on the streets.
Homeless Tactics for Urban Survival

📦1. Cache supplies but carry what you need. Keep essentials on you at all times solid you have to get mobile, you can #egress without having to return to your #shelter . Also keep backup supplies a few blocks away from your shelter so you have an alternative resupply point.

🛠2. Multipurpose supplies. A handkerchief can be used to blow your nose shield your face from wind, or hold a hot cup. Carry light by using items that have many uses.

👉3. Avoid conflict. Have #decoycash or valuables. Keep #guns and knives hidden at all times unless you have to use it, at which point it's time to move to a new area.

🐕‍🦺4. Use man's best friend. A dog is an extra set of eyes, defense, and warmth.

📗5. Practice the grayman doctrine. Blend in. Dress and act like others around you. Download the #Grayman Doctrine here.

📗6. Learn #hobomarkings . Their is a entire written language of graphic signals used by the homeless to relay important information to others. For example a "T" shaped symbol with a circle in the corner could be scraped or spray pained on a fence indicating that the man who lives there is a doctor. Voilla, you've found medical aid. Get our Markings Decal or Patch here.

💊7. Carry a #firstaidkit and baking soda. Infection is your enemy, fight it before it incapacitates you. Baking soda works as a cleaning soap, toothpaste or deodorant. Hygiene is important.

🥓8. Buy proteins and carbs like beef jerky or trail mix. #Scavenge food from restaurants at closing. Befriend a cook or water that could save you food. Have a set of business casual clothing and pose as a hotel guest to access their restrooms and breakfast bar. Go to restaurants that offer free startes like bread or chips and salsa. After eating it along with apologize and say you left your wallet in the car and leave. Even if you don't return it should raise any alarms but just don't frequent the same business for a month.

🏚9. Build a shelter out of trash and abandoned items. Don't sleep in a dumpster. Find overgrown alleys that are not passthrus, use cardboard, discarded advertisement banners, and other materials for warmth and rain protection. Make a lean-to. Find shelter in 24 hour businesses like a FedEx or a Walmart. Sleep in Library or between shelves in a supermarket aisle. Some areas may require you to be clean and presentable to not stand out. Try a waiting or dressing room during the day. Target overpasses, construction sites, and abandoned homes. Try a hotel at 12 pm when they are being cleaned. You may find an open door and get lucky for a few days with your own room. If you caught just say you when back to get your phone charge and then leave. Consider an airport, train station, or ER waiting room.

📶10. Wifi. It's everywhere. You can stay connected and have #comms even without a service plan. Have a phone. Use it. Stay in contact and collect intel on current events and local threats.

💧11. Dress in layers. 3 layers. Use trash like newspapers to line your clothing to insulate heat.

👥12. Gather among other #homelessperson for warmth and protection. A group of sleeping persons is less likely to be robbed.

☑A get home bag contains all the essentials for an urban nomad. Download the checklist here.