400 Watt Solar Panels Installed, Running Water, living on the land for a week.

Here's what's new at the land. I has been a busy week. My work schedule and location allowed me to spend a week of night on our Basecamp. Most of my time there was at night so it limited slot of outdoor tasks. It was enjoyable being able to take some time to actually do nothing and just be in a quite place, well aside from sawing, drilling, hammering and shooting guns.
Solar Mancave
My brother installed our sink. It's been a long time coming. We had all the other necessities except running water. It's small, like one you'd find a boat. Maybe 18"x18 by 10" deep. Cold water only. Right now we just have a 35gal drum. A hose runs from the bottom of the drum to an ammo can which houses a 2gal/min 12v pump. This is powered from our battery bank. The hose then leaves the ammo boxes and goes up under the cabin and into the sink's faucet. We isntalled a drain with a peatrap. This keeps critters from crawling up the drain pipe when it's not in use.
Running water Offgrid
Throughout the week I applied a few more layers of polyurethane to the counters. I had to cut part of the Pine Life decal at the area between the boards so it would not peel up. Looks great now.
Bugout Storage
We've finally upgraded our panels to accommodate our growing power needs using 4x 100w Suitcases from Boss Watt. Each suitcase has 2x 50 watt panels. The panels are durable, flexible, and waterproof, and shock proof (SunPower Flex). The are attached to a case that folds open. The case has a built-in kickstand which can be angled from 20 to 80 degrees. So no matter where you are located, you can situate the angle to draw in maximum solar power. You'll need to adjust at least twice a year. The angle and direction can be researched for your geographical location, search solar calculator. On top of that the case weighs under 4lbs. This makes them perfect for on the go and bug out situations. The aluminum case is a great choice.
Portable solar panels
We've chosen a more permanent fixture. We've mounted them to two ladders on a wood mount that can be adjusted to change the angle when needed.
MC4 connectors for solar
The panels use foolproof MC4 connectors. No special training is needed to figure out how to wire these. The connectors are water and dust proof.
Bugout cabin with solar how to guide
Again we use these to recharge our Kodiak Generator. The Kodiak has a built-in inverter and controller. So this means no extensive knowledge in the field of Solar Energy is required to get it going!
Kodiak solar Generator
I spent a week at the cabin. We never ran out of power. The running water was much needed, I was able to wash dishes and pots and brush my teeth. Now all we need is an AC unit because in North Carolina, the summers are hot! Oh, I ate like a king too. Between a charcoal grill and propane stove 🔥cooking is a breeze. Our Kevlar Camp Rag helped with the hot pots!

Dutch oven outdoor grilling on propane stove.