Scavenging vs Looting when SHTF

When SHTF you'll need to resupply. We don't recommend looting or marauding but scavenging may be an ethically and efficent alternative. Now here's what you need to know concerning scavenging...⁣

Questions should be considered when planning what you are scavenging for, such as:⁣

🤔’What do we need?’⁣

🤔‘Why do we need it?’⁣

🤔‘Where can we find it?’⁣

🤔‘How are we going to store or carry it?’⁣

These questions should include #survival needs such as food, water, equipment, #communication, and logistics.⁣
In the case of a #nuclear or #EMP attack, where there a country’s ability to supply its population with products (including food) can be #destabilized, #scavengers should consider the journey those products take from origin to disposal.⁣
Most of our products follow similar journeys. If we think about this journey, we can get a good idea of where to look when the supermarket runs out of food, the pharmacy runs out of medical supplies, and more.⁣
If we think of the journey our food needs to take to go from farmer or production line and waste bin, we will find quite a number of places that scavengers should target. So where are these places? Some prime scavenger resource spots would be:⁣


📃Supply lines (trucks, ships, train, and autos)⁣

📃Distribution centers (warehouses)⁣


📃Abandoned stores⁣

📃Processing factories⁣


📃Rubbish gathering areas⁣

📃Abandoned Cars.⁣

Think outside the box. Avoid high population centers. Try to target areas that would attract others. Tractor trailers should be you aim. Carry bolt cutters and a box knife. Open the trailer door and do a quick scan of the items. Use the knife to check in boxes to see if the items would be of survival value, if not move on to the next trailer. 

Consider office buildings that have their on cafeteria. Schools, colleges, and hotels often have food storages for their cafeteria or breakfast service.  They are not likely to be high value targets to the unknowing. 

This blogs purpose is to get you to think outside the box. I hope it's given you some ideas to consider. 

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Shared in part from The Prepping Guide.⁣
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