Understanding the difference between Bugout and Get Home Bags.

Read carefully, here's the difference between Get Home Bags, Bugout Bags, and other emergency loadouts.

Reference the legend below for acronym explanations.

✏OTH - any location Other Than Home.
✏BOL - BugOut Location.
✏RP - Rally Point.
✏BOV - BugOut Vehicle.

🎒Get Home Bag [GHB] - gets you from OTH to home, (1-2DAY). Recommended Types Slingbag, School Backpack, Large Purse, Drawstring.

🎒Bugout Bag [BOB] - gets you from home/OTH to a RP/BOL, (3 DAY). Recommended Types Medium Size Backpack, Multi Compartment.

🎒INCH Loadout - gets you from home to a RP/BOL, (1-2 WEEKS). Recommended Types Framed Hiking Pack or Ruck Sack.

🚗Bugout Vehicle - gets you and your gear from anywhere to RP/BOL or even home, (1-4 WEEKS). Recommended Types 4x4, 5+ passenger, lockable storage, good MPG.

🛠EDC - Every Day Carry is composed of useful tools and supplies to accomplish daily tasks. While some items can aid in a survival scenario the purpose of the kit varies. These items are carried on one’s person or kept nearby such as in a small pouch. EDC is also what you wear; this is EDW or Every Day Wear. A Personal Survival Kit (PSK) should be in your EDC.

📲Download our Emergency Loadout Guide and learn the differences between EDC, GHB, BOB, INCH, & BOV. Includes full checklists for each.

Clearly, you could literally have 5 bags prepared and stored in various locations. One at work, in the car, etc but instead use a modular system that incorporates supplies from various Loadouts. For most of us, it's not financially feasible to have multiple fully loaded packs. Make your bags work together. #EDC compliments a GHB which then has a companion bag at home, where if needed, you can simply dump the contents of the #GHB into a prepped larger bag that then becomes a BOB. Your #INCH is a combination of your #BOB and #BOV .


Bugout Bag

Get Home Bag


Water and water filtration
◻ ➽ 3x 20oz water bottles
◻ One water filled 32 oz. wide mouth hard plastic bottle with compatible pump integral filter OR Straw
water filter and additional 3x 20oz water bottles
◻ Water purification tablets
◻ 3x MRE’s (or meals providing 6000+ calories)
◻ Energy Food (Beef jerky, Granola bars, energy bars, instant oatmeal and nuts)
◻ Coffee, Gatorade Packets, Spices/Sugar
◻ Metal camping cup (canteen cup or pot)
◻ Hard plastic or metal spork
◻ Mylar survival blanket
◻ Foam sleeping pad OR hammock (summer 65f+ nights)
◻ Sleeping Bag (winter, rated for expected temps)
◻ 8’ x 10’ nylon camping tarp
◻ Personal Blanket (poncho liner, wool blanket, sheet)
◻ 2x Butane lighters
◻ Fire striking rod
◻ Stormproof matches in waterproof case
◻ Fire starting tinder
◻ ➽ 2x Bic Lighters
First Aid, Hygiene, Personal
◻ Well stocked first aid kit to treat cuts, blister, rash, fever and burns at a minimum.
◻ ➽ Toilet paper
◻ Eyewear/Contacts and femini...


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