Hip Pocket Brief Volume 2 - Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures for the Everyday Civilian

Hip Pocket Brief Volume 2 - Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures for the Everyday Civilian

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The Hip Pocket Brief is a collection of forty, 30-second, concise training sessions meant to be read on the move as a daily primer to increase readiness and survival.

  • Each briefing varies in topics ranging from Self Defense, Counter Custody, Cybersecurity, Target Hardening, Situational Awareness, Threat Detection, Non-Verbal Communication, Surveillance Avoidance, Vehicle Tactics, Personal Security, to Prepping.
  • 40 briefings with full illustrations on printed 40 pages of a two staple saddle-stitch-bound, pocketsize briefing booklet.
  • Digital versions will be delivered immediately via emailed link to download. Physical books will be shipped by mail.

The Hip Pocket Brief Vol 2 features 40 short training sessions meant to be read and understood in less than a minute while providing enduring actionable Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures (TTPs) on topics that increase your knowledge to evade threats, prepare for disaster, react to emergencies, detect covert behaviors, survive a crisis, and collect intel.

Topics from Vol 2: "Urban Mantracking", "Body Language Assessment", "Vehicular Emergency Improvisation", "5 Step Contingency Planning", "Surviving an IED", "U.S. Embassy Procedures Following a Crisis", "Tactical Flashlight Discipline", Residential Security & Counter -Surveillance” etc.

Purpose: To provide the skills and mindset to operate in a non-permissive environment or advance the capabilities of an everyday civilian.

Bottom Line Up Front (BLUF):

  1. A Hip Pocket Brief is a short lesson delivered in a concise manner and paired with an illustration of the concept presented. 
  2. Each Brief focuses on a specific area of interest designed to increase your awareness, preparedness level, or capability. 
  3. Topics vary from reacting to a home invasion, developing a crisis response plan, to outfitting a lighter as an EDC kit. 

Versions: The downloadable PDF and physical book feature the same content (briefs/illustrations). 

Editions: There are three Volumes available, each has a set of 40 different lessons. This product listing is for Vol 2 (with an option to purchase the full series). To purchase Vol 1, click here. To purchase Vol 3, click here.

The Grayman Briefing: Many of the Hip Pocket Briefs are delivered weekly on our digital news service, the Grayman Briefing. Get real-time intel and situational awareness updates sent to your phone and plan for emerging threats and developing conflicts. Subscribe to the Telegram/Signal App based briefings here.


*Briefings by the Grayman Briefing Classified. Illustrations by Illustration Nathan.