Lifetime Grayman Briefing Classified Subscription - Intel and Situational Awareness Updates

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Lifetime Grayman Briefing Classified (GBC)
Classified Access to Private ChannelĀ 
  • This is a paid digital news/intel service delivered daily on theĀ Telegram and Signal apps and weekly via email.
  • Subscription includes a one-time fee for lifetime access.
  • An access link is delivered instantly to you via email when you subscribe. Troubleshoot issues on ourĀ FAQ.


What is the Grayman Briefing?

The Grayman BriefingĀ Classified (GBC) is a service that shares priority, actionable information in-order-to increase situational awareness and prepare for emerging threats. It's news that actually matters. As a secondary feature of the Briefing; training on preparedness tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs) are distributed to broaden your knowledge and capabilities by serving as a primer.

How are the Briefings received?

The Briefings are deliveredĀ as a multi-media message (basically text messages) sent through a private newsgroup thread on both the Telegram and Signal phone apps. The briefs can also be accessed via web browser. An additional mid-week email also delivers our FYSA, Field Notes, and Briefings in a chronological format to our lifetime subscribers.

What makes the Briefings different than other similar news services?

Briefings are intel-centric, fact based, concise, and free of extraneous opinions while providing applicability to the topic's relevance and urgency. Briefings separate fact from opinion by providing raw uncontested news coverage upfront followed by a Debrief section at the bottom which serves as an analysis (why it matters, what to do) of the aforementionedĀ news. Our intent isn't to "break" stories or overwhelm you with content; instead we curate underreported stories of relevance, we cover stories that others don't. We don't post briefs on major stories that mainstream media has already covered accurately. We filter out what doesn't matter and provide a one-stop news/intel source for the Prepared Civilian.


Grayman News and Alerts

Briefings are intel focused on low intensity conflicts (activities below the threshold of traditional warĀ while aboveĀ peacetime), emerging threatstreams, under-reported news, national security impact indicators, major crime events, and infringements on freedom. GBC regularly provides legal updates involving 1st/2nd/4th/5th AmendmentĀ rights. Cyber/Per/Op-Security developments are featured weekly. Ongoing domestic terrorism, civil unrest activity, government overreach, supply chain disruptions, and big-tech censorship occurrencesĀ areĀ expediently reported to increase situational awareness so that you can avoid danger areas or make contingency plans.

*Briefs are typically delivered every day, regardless of holidays or weekends but that doesn't mean some days may have less or no briefs at all. If there is nothing significant to report (NSTR), we won't bother you. Of note, every day of 2021 yielded a brief on our service.


Grayman News and Alerts

In addition to analysis of intel/SA topics; briefings will also include TTPs formed into summarized lessons to increaseĀ yourĀ knowledge and capabilitiesĀ in core gray conceptsĀ ranging from urban survival to counter-surveillance to body language interpretation. Another occasional feature are preparedness briefs which train novice to advanced courses of action for maintaining a readiness posture to overcome natural disaster or prolonged power outages.

The Lifetime Subscription includes,Ā 
šŸ“„The LifetimeĀ subscription includes a one-time charge and gives you access to,Ā 
āœ”ļøDaily Briefings on TheĀ Grayman Briefing Classified via Telegram/Signal Apps.
āœ”ļøMonthlyĀ emails featuringĀ TTPs and PreparednessĀ lessons.
āœ”ļøAccess to our Telegram discussion room allowing peer intel sharing, conversation, and file drops (limited, access can be revoked).
āœ”ļøIncludes a weekly email delivery of Classified content (the same news/intel/SA from the apps is summarized into a singular email).
āœ”ļøWelcome Packet which includes a digitalĀ copy of the Grayman Doctrine and lifetime updates to the Doctrine.
āž•Hard Patch, get a physical Velcro backed acrylic rendered morale patch of the Grayman Briefing logo.
āž•Sharpie Marker, get a "slate gray" Grayman Briefing branded EDC permanent marker.Ā 
āž•Sticker, get a full color 3x3 round Grayman Briefing decal.

šŸ“²You are paying for access to a private Telegram and Signal Thread which includes daily news/intel/SA; you'll alsl get a supplemental series of featured FYSA, Field Notes, and Briefings sent weekly via email.

šŸ“…The Grayman Brief analysts, via app delivery, will publish content daily and in real-timeĀ as events occur or are anticipated.

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    What happens when I subscribe?Ā You are sent an email (subject line: "Your downloads are ready")Ā with a link to a PDF file that contains an access link to our private Telegram/Signal Channels. Download the app of your choice from the Google/Apple app store first create a Telegram/Signal Account free and anonymously. Click the access link in the PDF and open it in the app. Adjust your notificationĀ settings. Begin receivingĀ briefings.Ā (the access email is sent instantly upon purchase, check spam folder if you don't see it in the first 2 minutes)

    How do I manage my subscription?Ā SimplyĀ loginĀ to your account and read theĀ FAQĀ for help.

    Anonymity.Ā We value your privacy. Your subscriptionĀ to the GBC will never be made public by us and no log is kept linking your Telegram/Signal accounts to thisĀ digitalĀ subscription, payment, or PII.

    Still have questions? Trouble with an order?Ā See ourĀ FAQĀ page.

    Disclaimer.Ā The Grayman Briefing Classified (GBC) views and analysis do not necessary reflect that of Superesse Straps LLC. GBC content is meant for informational and educational purposes only. It is not financial or legal advice. By viewing out content you agree not to hold GBC or our partners responsible for an outcome caused by action/inaction taken as a result of our content.

    The Lifetime subscription gives you access for the lifetime of our briefing service. We plan to operate this service for decades but unforeseen circumstances could always arise. We will pro-rate refunds for those who have Lifetime access in the rare event our service ends within 5 years of your joining.Ā