8 Prepping Tips for an Economic Collapse following a Pandemic and Civil Unrest driven SHTF.

8 actionable tips to prepare for an #economiccollapse caused #civilunrest and a government inspired shutdown due to an dis-proportionate #pandemic response. This advice is how to prep for such an event. I'm not here to proclaim an impending collapse but due to recent events it's only wise to see the writing on he wall and respond accordingly. #Prepping never hurts.⁣

I'm curious to hear your feedback and suggestions, comment below.⁣

Economic Collapse

🥫1. Stock up. Food, water, supplies. Enough to last a month. Add a #watercollection and filtration system to your home now.⁣

🔌2. Adapt to loss of power. Create a #solarpower system to learn to live without power before you're forced to live without. Have alternative means to stay cool, keep food preserved, etc. Aside from an #EMP or #Cyberattack to the grid; power companies are businesses and subject to government restrictions and human error. A #shutdown or a worker's inability to safely travel to work can both cause utilities to cease operation. ⁣

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🌾3. Garden. Start now, plant potatoes, tomatoes, carrots, blue berries, etc. Having food in your backyard will help you sustain until safe means of trade and market purchase can be established. A #homegarden will feed you and your family during food shortages.⁣

🍷4. Save up on #bartering goods. Alcohol, cigars, chocolate, etc. These are things you could trade for more HVI (high value items) that will actually allow you to survive.⁣

Review our Bartering and Scavenging Guide.⁣

🛡5. #HomeSecurity and #SelfDefense. Harden your house from marauders and defend yourself when out scavenging/hunting, arm yourself and train.⁣

Download our Target Hardening for Homestead Survival Guide.

💰6. Create an #emergency fund. This is cash on hand that you can spend in the first stage of #SHTF to buy items needed before traditional stores are forced to close or before they are looted.⁣

🚘7. Bugout. Create a #bugoutbag, INCH bag, gethome bag, and prep your vehicle for egress. Always keep 10 gallons of gas on hand. Cycle it into your vehicles every few months so so it doesn't go bad.⁣

Download our Gasoline Storage Guide, Review our checklists on Bugout Bags, INCH Loadout, and Get Home Bag. ⁣

Convert you car to a Bugout Vehicle with this guide.⁣

🆘️8. Create a #emergencyresponse such as the ICERS Plan so you and your inner circle have a template to refer to. This is especially helpful in the event phones and internet are down so that you can still rally and communicate with loved ones.⁣

Download ICERS and plan now.⁣

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