Grayman Carry

Grayman Principle

The Grayman Principle applied to Everyday Carry.

The manner in which you carry yourself is just as vital as the items that you carry. The idea of being a Grayman, is simply blending in with the environment around you. Demeanor, Appearance, Situational Awareness, Preparedness, EDC, and your Mindset all decrease your likelihood of resistance while increase you chance of overcoming a hostile encounter.

At Superesse Straps our focus is to put mission essential gear on your person in a discreet and non-cumbersome manner. From multi-purpose handkcheifs that fit in your back pocket to the 30 item SERE Kit that fits on your ankle; we've got your Everyday Wear & Carry options.

-Wesley from Superesse

Gear that embraces the Grayman

PSK Paracord Bracelets 

Survival Purposed Handkerchiefs

Covert Pocket Morale Patches

Urban EDC Supplies

Rural Carryall Pouches

Firecraft & SERE Lanyards 

Knowledge for the Grayman

Grayman Principles
Grayman EDC and Personal Survival Kit PSK
Grayman Comms
Burner Phone
Subdued Morale Patch
Urban Navigation Tactics for the Grayman